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Students on a mission to ‘Food Fight’ in New Zealand

Left to right – Oakley Inkersell, Rosa Kelly and Aljaz Smrekar displaying the Food Fight card game

Year 13 Cashmere High School students Oakley Inkersell, Rosa Kelly, Jack Carran and Aljaz Smrekar, have started a socially conscious business as a part of their credits towards NCEA.

The business’s mission is to educate young children and their families on nutrition by teaching others about what is in the food they are eating

Oakley, Rosa, Jack and Aljaz have a shared experience of feeling like they grew up with a lack of education around food.

They believe that information and resources on the benefits of healthy eating is non-existent in schools and that knowing more about what they were eating could have prevented painful experiences.

I struggled with my weight when I was a kid, so I don’t want others to suffer like I did,” says Oakley.


They all agreed, there was a huge gap in the market and set out to solve this problem.

Creating Food Fight

Oakley, Rosa, Jack and Aljaz decided to develop a game that can be used in schools and homes across the country to help fill the void of nutrition related resources.

In doing so, they developed a card game called Food Fight – that teaches the players how certain foods fuel their bodies and minds.

Food Fight achieves this by creating battling grounds to win rounds with categories on the cards which include calories, fats, proteins, carbs, sugars, and price.

A deck of cards is $14.99 and the Food Fight team have vowed to donate one pack to a low decile school or family in need for every 25 sold.

A Food Fight hand of cards

Their ethos is to educate as many kids as they can on nutrition – all while having fun.

They believe that by creating the game for ages 7+, they could help educate young children who would then go on to educate their whole family.

“We want New Zealand to be a better place for everyone,” says Aljaz.

A taste of success

Food Fight was developed through a competition that is run nationwide through the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES).

This is an experiential programme where Year 12 and 13 students have the opportunity to set up and run a real start-up business and bring it to the market.

YES hopes to unleash each students’ inner entrepreneur, and has developed five challenges that students across the country compete in – The Pitch, Validation, Promotion, Sales and Annual review.

So far, Food Fight has achieved a second in NZ and a first in Canterbury for validation of their product.

The Food Fight team believe in their product and are aiming for an overall win in the YES 2021 competition.

“Our product hits close to home for me,” says Oakley, “I know it could have helped me, and I believe it could help others.”

Food Fight has already managed to find its way into a handful of schools and households across New Zealand.

It is now stocked by Bishopdale New World, as well as Kids stuff and Millie Rose in Timaru.

Oakley, Jack, Rosa and Aljaz are also planning on selling them at the Riccarton and Timaru Markets.

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For more information:

Food Fight video

If you would like to purchase a deck of cards, or to learn more about the students and their business, please visit

They can also be found on Instagram and Facebook: Foodfight_nz


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