Love and grace

Recognising love and the power of reconciliation


The Daily Encourager will share stories of love and reconciliation.

In a world that’s become increasingly divisive, where politics can sever friendships and differences of opinions cause some to demonise others, the Daily Encourager will promote unity and peace.

We are looking for inspiring stories that recognise the importance of bringing people together in an atmosphere of love, and highlighting the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

We want to share stories of how families, once separated, overcame their grudges and hurts and through forgiveness now live in harmony; of how marriages, once on the rocks and headed for divorce, are now stronger than ever because of love and reconciliation; of how someone was wronged but instead of seeking vengeance offered forgiveness.

The Daily Encourager will call people higher, to be inspired to break cycles of unforgiveness and damaging behaviour in their lives and cling to hope that things can improve, and that burned bridges can be re-made.

To read a powerful story on reconciliation please click here

If you would like to know more about love and grace go to theperfectexchange


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