Stimulate and inform

Speaking courageously on issues from a solutions perspective

South Auckland Middle School

The Daily Encourager will speak out on issues that are important to society from a balanced, impartial and solutions-based perspective.

We want to take a problem solving approach where the Daily Encourager actively addresses problems that concern our readers and provides content that:

  • Is constructive
  • Is independent
  • Has high societal value
  • Offers a meaningful role for the journalist
  • Fosters thoughtful conversation, collaboration and consensus building
  • Shows change is possible and highlights opportunities for response

As an example of our ‘Stimulate and Inform‘ value please read this story about a charter school in South Auckland. Click here

Also, if you believe you can write from a loving, balanced, impartial and solutions-based perspective on issues important to society we would love to hear from you.

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