Stimulate and inform

Speaking courageously on issues from a solutions perspective

The programme teaches core movement skills, such as balance, jumping, catching and throwing.

The Daily Encourager will speak out on issues that are important to society from a balanced, impartial and solutions-based perspective.

We want to take a problem solving approach where the Daily Encourager actively addresses problems that concern our readers and provides content that:

  • Is constructive
  • Is independent
  • Has high societal value
  • Offers a meaningful role for the journalist
  • Fosters thoughtful conversation, collaboration and consensus building
  • Shows change is possible and highlights opportunities for response

As an example of our ‘Stimulate and Inform‘ value please read about this innovative sports programme developed in the Hutt Valley. Click here

Also, if you believe you can write from a loving, balanced, impartial and solutions-based perspective on issues important to society we would love to hear from you.

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