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Some of the best lockdown videos


Some say the world is a more united place, more linked together for better or for worse. We now know that because something is in Alaska and South Korea and Ukraine, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t sneaked into Southland or the Waikato.

Online jokes have followed these pathways too. Sometimes three or more a day: jokes, little videos or cartoons drop into email boxes unannounced as welcome surprises in our lockdown lives.

Sometimes they are linked to YouTube videos – dogs with lips moving to answer back their bemused owners, children dressed as pop stars singing Covid-19 defiant words to well-known songs of the past 30 years.

Sometimes they are clever word plays on well know Presidents, or golfers or friends’ habits.

Yesterday, a group of lithe young people danced energetically, their feet touching a giant keyboard, making music with their toes.

The essence of these is to spread joy, and mostly they do. It’s the equivalent of going to the mailbox on a rainy grey empty day and finding a letter waiting to be opened, slowly savoured. And then, there’s the joy of sending it to others, waiting for their response.

Measuring the ‘best so far’ could be a new ‘World’s Got Talent’ competition.

I’m voting for either Queen Elizabeth lipsyncing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ with the British Cabinet behind her, chorus girls style… authentic, unreal and laugh aloud.

Or maybe the teacher instructing the watcher about fractions by filling her wineglass, then solemnly having to drink it so she can ‘go over it one more time’.

Or maybe the man telling The Great Realisation story to his children at bedtime. They have brought joy.

What’s your best lockdown email?

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