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Open your arms


The Daily Encourager was established to bring hope and encouragement and  promote unity and peace. We have written this theme song to represent our values and hope for the world.

This song was written two years ago but the lyrics seem even more poignant today, given the terrible tragedy in Christchurch. Perhaps we should change it to ‘Open your arms’?.

Watch this video to hear musician Rob Whelan perform ‘Open your eyes’ at the Newtown Festival on 3rd March 2019.

Open Your Eyes

It’s time for more wisdom less division

more understanding more listening

There’s room for integrity

No room for bigotry

It’s time for unity

In a world that’s so confusing

And so full of illusion

Where truth is hard to find


Bye bye to the left and the right

Bye bye to the hate and the lies

It’s time to open your eyes

Stop being blinded

So misguided

Time to open your eyes

Time to open your eyes

Time to open your eyes

Verse 2

It’s time for encouragement

More creativity

To reduce the anxiety

In a world of negativity

There’s no need for your jealousy

It’s a time for more honour and respect



Find your own answers

Build on those values

Try to be kind

Try to find love 

And make this world a better place

This world a better place

Lyrics and music – Rob Whelan and Wayne Graham

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