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NZ Post chalks up a groundswell of support from public


NZ Post is reporting a groundswell movement of gratitude from members of the public, as posties and couriers report the special acknowledgements they are receiving from the community.

“It’s been great to see the people of New Zealand continuing to make NZ Post delivery people feel appreciated, valued and celebrated, during what is a stressful time for all of us,” says David Walsh, Chief Executive, NZ Post.

“Our delivery people are reporting that they are being made to feel like valued community members as they deliver the essential items that New Zealanders need during this period of isolation.”

NZ Post is proud to be able to continue to deliver this service for New Zealanders and the safety and health of our frontline people is our number one priority. The support of the New Zealand public in helping to keep our people safe has been heart-warming to witness.

“Our delivery people are reporting all sorts of special thanks and acknowledgements from the public – one postie said that a woman on her regular run had made a heart of balloons and tied it to her letterbox, another had a care package of fresh fruit and vegetables left out on their rural run, with a special message written on the pumpkin.

A special message written on the pumpkin

Red hearts for your postie

“We’ve had our delivery people report numerous chalk drawings on footpaths around the country, thanking them for their hard work, as well as posters taped to letterboxes and in windows.

“In the early stages of the level 4 lockdown we had some issues with members of the public approaching our delivery people to say thanks – but we’ve managed to get the message out to please respect the 2 metre bubble of our delivery people – and it’s been great to see Kiwis adhering to this and using other, safer, ways of saying thanks.

This physical distancing will remain an essential safety measure as we move through different lockdown levels in the future” says David Walsh.


Online, NZ Post has been sharing photographs and stories of frontline delivery people.

“The positive sentiment on our Facebook page has been overwhelming. We’ve had hundreds of messages of thanks and support for our people who are working hard to get everyone’s essential items out to them. This is just huge for the morale of our people during this time.

“The support, wellbeing, health and safety of our people is our priority, at any time, but even-more so now. We wish to thank all the Kiwis out there who are helping us with this.

“We’re really proud to be providing a vital service to New Zealand at this time, delivering those essential items that New Zealanders need,” says David Walsh.

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