What we plan to do

Our vision is big and includes both a national website and a regular print product that is delivered across New Zealand into major cities and towns, into airports, libraries, hospitals, prisons, rest homes, schools and universities.

We know that a vision is only achieved one step at a time and we need to start small and well.

We have started with this prototype website as a means of selling the vision,  getting stories and building memberships.

Our start-up plan also includes:

  • Finding hope stories from lower socio economic areas of NZ and those areas that need hope
  • Producing a small scale print product and delivering it to every letter box in these communities
  • Working with other NZ charities to promote their stories
  • Growing our volunteer base
  • Raising public awareness of the Daily Encourager vision and mission

Once we have completed our start-up phase we will be investing into:

  • Enhancing the website
  • More editorial resource and stories
  • Growing and diversifying our revenue streams
  • Growing the print product

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