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Kiwi woman skydiving for New Zealand communities

Francesca Hosking takes her first leap of faith over Auckland

Francesca Hosking loves a challenge and she really respects the work the Red Cross does to help communities in need.

Last year she climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest free-standing mountain standing at just over 19,000 feet. This was  the toughest mental and physical challenge of her life so far.

This year she wanted to do a challenge that offered greater help to those around her in New Zealand.

Skydiving was never on her to do list.

Francesca reflects,

I mean why jump out a perfectly good plane!


“But when I realised that by supporting New Zealand Red Cross, my efforts could help create more far reaching results than if I went it alone, and that I could jump higher than Mt Kilimanjaro I thought, why not?”

She says, “Being able to jump the Southern Hemisphere’s highest skydive of 20,000ft is exhilarating and daunting all at the same time.

“And with so many across our homeland in need it occurred to me, why limit my goal to one city? So, I am jumping out of not one but four planes.

“As for the fear, well, yes I’m still nervous, but I ask myself. Do I trust the company and tandem master I am jumping with?

Once I said yes to that then it’s all about feel the fear and do it anyway!”


In July she completed her first two jumps – starting in Auckland at 20,000ft and free-falling 200+ km/hr, and next in Tauranga jumping 12,000ft.

Starting from late October, she is skydiving in Franz Josef Glacier and then onto Abel Tasman National Park.

Why the Red Cross?

Francesca says that, “The support offered by the Red Cross is powerful and life-changing for many people both in Aotearoa and globally.

“They have helped in Christchurch since the first earthquake struck, implementing new community transport programmes and much more.

“Throughout lockdown their services provided Meals on Wheels, where 11,500 warm meals were delivered to vulnerable Kiwis every week. The Red Cross has also been focused on mental health support and produced a Psychological First Aid guide.”

A ripple effect

A highlight through sharing her journey is that people started coming to her and sharing how it had inspired them to start looking around their communities to see how they can help too.

Francesca believes in the ripple effect.

To share this journey with as many people as possible, she has a dedicated Facebook page titled Reaching New Heights Together. She believes it really encompasses the essence of this journey, a journey for the people. On this page you will find fundraising updates, sponsor and skydiving posts and pictures.

Many wonderful sponsors have been generous in donating items that will be drawn in a Thank You Draw for donors once the fundraising target of $5000 has been reached.

Fundraising is well underway, sitting just above $3400. Her hope is as more people across New Zealand hear about this journey, they will aspire to join the journey, donate, and help them Reach New Heights Together.

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For more information:

Anyone can donate to this cause through the dedicated Everyday Hero page, Reaching New Heights Together.


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