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Kiwi kids ask Santa for Covid-19 cure


NZ Post has been working closely this Christmas with Santa and his elves, to ensure Kiwi kids receive a response to their letters.

“Once again, we’re proud to be offering the magical connection of writing to Santa and have already received thousands of letters from Kiwi kids,” says NZ Post General Manager of Consumer Marketing and Brand, Sarah Sandoval.

Last year NZ Post responded to over 70,000 letters to Santa, with replies in two of our official languages – te reo Māori and English.

Popular items on Kiwi kids’ wish lists were bikes, gaming consoles and Lego.  While these were still high on the list for many, this year there were many heartfelt messages, with Kiwi kids asking for a cure for COVID-19, jobs for their parents and to be able to see overseas family again.

It really goes to show how compassionate and caring Kiwi kids are – they’ve really taken on board the message to be kind,” says Sarah.


NZ Post launched a brand-new interactive website this year, where kids can send Santa an online letter – as well as having special access to Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage.

“Over 28,000 kids have visited Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage and read Santa’s emails, browsed holiday snaps and played games – with Santa’s Gift Guesser game proving most popular” says Sarah.

While the deadline has passed to have postcard responses received in the mail, Kiwi kids can still send Santa an online message up until 5:00pm, Wednesday 23 December and will receive an email response.

Responses to online letters will arrive to you the very next day, and you can choose to have your reply in te reo Māori or English.

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