Who are you?

The Daily Encourager Trust is a not-for-profit charitable trust directed towards enhancing the education, health and spirit of people of New Zealand.

We want to encourage people daily through a variety of publishing platforms through uncovering amazing positive things happening in NZ that no one else is telling.

To ensure trust and integrity with our readers we have developed a set of policies including a code of ethics and editorial policy which we plan to strictly adhere to.

Profile of Trustees and Board


Bruce Heesterman (Chairman) Trustee and Aviation Leader – Executive leadership in aviation, logistics and exporting. Chair of numerous not for profit’s.

Wayne Graham (Founder, CEO) Trustee and Business Manager and consultant with over 30 years experience in media publishing, project management and strategy.









Dr Ate Moala (Medical Professional) Trustee and Health Visionary – Leader with extensive experience in the not for profit sector.

Alison Holt (Company Director) Internationally acclaimed expert in governance of information technology and data and research fellow.

Martin Baty (Consultant) Church Leader and engineering and building consultant with over 40 years industry experience.











What are your vision and values?

We believe that the media has a huge impact on people’s lives and we want to create a media environment that:

  • Brings hope, lifts depression and reduces anxiety and suicide.
  • Results in an increase in giving and generosity.
  • Creates stronger and closer families and communities.
  • Promotes increased respect and understanding of each other

We want to produce journalism that really matters to people, and put it in places where people will find it.

We will publish stories on the web and in print that go far beyond just publishing good news articles. We will report real life experiences and events that encourage what is best in society and human endeavour.

How we are different to other media

The Daily Encourager will raise up:

  • Trust and integrity
  • Truth and accuracy
  • Impartiality
  • Honest real stories that are full of hope
  • Treating audiences and story sources with respect
  • Serving the public good

The Daily Encourager will not publish :

  • Sensationalism
  • Stories that judge or shame people
  • Breaking news
  • Negative news
  • News motivated by ratings (click bait)

Our Values

  • Celebrating and honouring people
  • Personal responsibility
  • Giving back to society
  • Truth and integrity
  • Creativity
  • Love
  • Courage
What are your start-up goals?

Our start-up plan includes:

  • Finding hope stories from lower socio economic areas of NZ and those areas that need hope
  • Producing a small scale print product and delivering it to every letter box in these communities
  • Working with other NZ charities to promote their stories
  • Growing our volunteer base
  • Raising public awareness of the Daily Encourager vision and mission
What does it cost to publish a story?

We publish mainly original content from our Hope Writers who are paid on a per story basis. We are also reliant on a great deal of volunteer support. Some stories take over ten hours to research and produce, while others are provided with little editing required.

There are also overhead costs associated with web hosting, website maintenance, insurance, travel and marketing etc

On average a story costs around $250 to produce.

Is my donation tax deductible?
We have filed an application for registration with the Charities Commission and this case is still under consideration. Until we have approval from the Charities Commission you are unable to claim a tax rebate on your donation.

What are your future aims?

Our vision is big and includes both a national website and a regular print product that is delivered across New Zealand into major cities and towns, into airports, libraries, hospitals, prisons, rest homes, schools and universities.

We know that a vision is only achieved one step at a time and we need to start small and well.

We have started with this prototype website as a means of selling the vision,  getting stories and building memberships.

Once we exceed our start-up targets we will be investing into:
  • Enhancing the website
  • More editorial resource and stories
  • Growing and diversifying our revenue streams
  • Growing the print product





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