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Families pick for a good cause

A local family doing their part. From left: Lewis Clarke, Sarah Dobson, Kobi Foster, Tommy Foster, Cassie King and Oliver Clarke: Photo supplied

Cromwell’s Cheeki Cherries opened its orchard gates to locals on Sunday,  January 23 for a day of picking for a good cause.

The delicious cherries and stone fruit were shipped to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch City Missions to help feed those most in need.

After meeting Shannon, an Auckland City Mission chef, who visited the pick-your-own orchard this season, Cheeki Cherries’ owner Martin Milne came up with a plan to make sure this year’s bumper crop of fruit is enjoyed by those who often go hungry.

For the team at Cheeki Cherries, a charity event seemed like a great way to help others after what has been a tough two years.

Families of locals turned up to pick for the good cause, some of the younger volunteers taking the role of quality control very seriously, taste testing all the fruit.

All together sixty buckets of fresh fruit were collected and have been shipped to our country’s missions.

Fruit collected to be shipped to missions around the country: Photo supplied


“Sending cherries to the country’s City Missions is a no-brainer, it’s great having everyone come to Cheeki Cherries and help with our mission. We’re proud to be part of a community that wants to help make a difference,” says Mr Milne.

Cash Donations we’re also being made to the local food bank with Cheeki Cherries making an additional cash donation for every sale made that day.

Wellington City Missioner Murray Edridge says, “Our heartfelt thanks go out to the people who own the orchard and to the volunteers who are picking the fruit – for your generosity of both thought and action.

We can give people the enjoyment of what our country’s orchards produce. So many of us take that for granted.”


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More information:

To learn more about Cheeki Cherries and come and pick your own cherries visit cheekicherries


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