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We want to create an environment where people feel uplifted and inspired and we  reserve the right to moderate comments that do not meet these standards.

We encourage thoughtful comments that:

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All comments are reviewed by moderators before they are posted. Commenting on the Daily Encourager is a privilege, not a right and to ensure you meet our guidelines please carefully read and follow the guidelines below:

  1. Personal attacks, excessive criticism or comments to solely provoke are unlikely to be posted.
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The Daily Encourager reserves the right to reject or remove comments that do not conform to the above criteria or for any other reason.

Our moderators work hard to ensure an uplifting and civil atmosphere. However, because we are human, moderating decisions are subjective and occasionally we make mistakes accepting or rejecting comments. Unfortunately we are not able to restore rejected comments or respond to requests asking for explanations as to why a comment was rejected. If you believe your comment was rejected in error, feel free to submit it again.

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