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All Blacks captain showing artistic style in pandemic lockdown


The coronavirus pandemic lockdown has prompted All Blacks rugby captain Kieran Read to stick a few fridge magnets around a sketch from one of his first overseas tours, in 2006.

 Read has posted the French streetscape 2006 sketch on Instagram, from when he was staying in Vichy, in the Clermont-Ferrand region, during the NZ Colts’ 2006 Under-21 World Cup.

Read, who is in lockdown with his family in Christchurch, says he saw a friend do a sketch on Instagram so decided he would give it go too.

I’m not very artistic at all, but I reckon it came up pretty well, considering. It’s done on the back of a piece of wastepaper from a photocopier, so not very high end. 


“I want to keep the sketch just for now. It is up on the fridge at home, pride of place next to my kids’ drawings.  

Kieran Reid’s French streetscape sketch 2006 on Instagram


Photo of the street

“Being in lockdown here in Christchurch, we are fortunate to have plenty of space around us for the kids to get outside and burn some energy. The days are spent keeping them entertained with board games, activities and the odd bit of tv.

“I’m not a medical expert but my advice for Kiwis out there is to try and turn this pandemic lockdown into a positive experience for everyone and their family.

“We should all have a goal or look at something to achieve each day, or over a period of time, that can keep us engaged. 

“The lockdown right now is also a great opportunity to spend more time with friends, families and our kids and do something funny and silly with them. 

“Exercise is important for our wellbeing so getting outdoors and going for walk or doing something in the backyard is a must do, to keep a smile on your face.   

“I look back at the 2006 tour some years ago and some guys went on to become All Blacks, such as Jamie Macintosh, Jeremy Thrush and Richard Kahui.  

“That tour, when we were much younger, brings back some great memories. We had a lot of fun with the guys during that World under-21 tournament and we were able to see a cool part of France with plenty of history,” Read says.

Read is contracted to Toyota Verblitz in Japan but his future rugby playing days are uncertain, considering the 2020 Olympics have been cancelled for a year.

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