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Acts of kindness making customers smile

Fleur and Chris Bakker’s flower farm in Amberley

Patrons at the Brick Mill Café in Waikuku, North Canterbury, were pleasantly shocked when owner Jonny Todd walked around each table offering them a carefully and beautifully put together bunch of flowers.

Hesitant at first, some customers thought they were being asked to buy them. Instead, Jonny explained that a local couple drops the flowers off each week outside his café door for him to share around for free.

Their motive is simply to make people smile.

The mysterious and generous flower donators are long-standing loyal and regular customers at the Brick Mill Café.

“They have been hit by hard times,” explains Jonny Todd, “but that doesn’t stop them from turning up each week and dropping flowers off. They want absolutely nothing in return.”

When asked why someone would do this, Jonny smiled and said,

“Because they’re amazing, I guess?”

In a world where nothing often comes for free I had to find out who this generous couple was…

The flower Santa Claus

Fleur and Chris Bakker are flower farmers in Amberley, North Canterbury.

They normally grow flowers to fulfil large commercial orders.

However, Fleur says she grows all sorts of flowers. “I’ll try and grow any flower just because I think they’re beautiful.”

Knowing that some of them just aren’t market flowers, she then gives them away for free.

“People love flowers.” she says,

They make people smile.”


Seemingly shy and reserved, Fleur goes on to say, “I am not amazing, I’m just Fleur.”

“But I’m grateful to hear that our flowers have made someone smile.”

Fleur Bakker dropping off flowers to the Brick Mill Café

This is not the first time that Fleur and Chris have been caught spreading joy with their flowers.

After the flower industry was declared as non-essential during lockdown level 4, millions of flowers were destroyed as they were unable to be sold.

The lockdowns that occurred during August and September 2021 were particularly hard considering it was spring.

On top of this, the Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Day appeal was cancelled.

Having a huge daffodil farm in full bloom, Fleur and Chris couldn’t bear the thought of their flowers just wilting away and dying.

Instead, they opened their farm to the public and if people kept to their bubbles, they were able to pick as many daffodils as they could fit into a bucket for only $10.

Their ingenious way of spreading joy with their flowers destined to be dumped went viral.

Despite this, Fleur says that she was thankful to everyone who flocked to their farm sharing their support and pleasure and that “it has gone a long way to bring us joy.”

Being one the lucky recipients of Fleur and Chris’s generosity when I was having lunch at the Brick Mill Café, I can confirm her sentiments.

The simple act of receiving flowers totally unexpectedly and from a stranger really does go a long way to bring happiness into your day.

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