Daily Encourager Trust

The Daily Encourager Trust is a charitable trust directed towards enhancing the education, health and spirit of people of New Zealand.

We want to encourage people daily through a variety of publishing platforms through uncovering amazing positive things happening in NZ that no one else is telling.

Watch a video by the Founder of the Daily Encourager Wayne Graham (below).

To ensure trust and integrity with our readers we have developed a set of policies including a code of ethics and editorial policy which we plan to strictly adhere to.

Profile of Trustees and Board 

Wayne Graham (Founder, CEO) Trustee and Business Manager and consultant with over 30 years experience in media publishing, project management and strategy.

Alison Holt (Company Director) Internationally acclaimed expert in governance of information technology and data and research fellow.


Martin Baty (Consultant) Church Leader and engineering and building consultant with over 40 years industry experience.

Hope Writers 

Rosemary McLennan  (Hope Writer, Wellington). Has a background in Hutt Valley community newspaper journalism and photography. She was the Upper Hutt Leader Editor for close to 25 years.

Sharon Fowler (Hope Writer, Dunedin). Was an Otago Daily Times reporter for eight and a half years before living overseas for the past 19 years. Journalism is a passion and she is looking forward to telling stories of courage and hope.


Fran Cain (Hope Writer Canterbury). Has a Degree in Psychology, and Diplomas in both Child and Adolescent Psychology and Organisational Psychology. She has left a career in Teaching to follow her passion of writing.


Daily Encourager
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